Monday, October 1, 2012


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Monday, February 27, 2012


Just to let everyone know I updated!!! I think like 7 times so make sure to keep on looking! I am all caught up now!!!

Danica Jo Verenski

 My little girl is finally HERE! It seems like it has taken forever but she is here! I love her so much and LOVE having a little girl! She is the cutest and very fun to dress up! I love this girl! I want to write her birth story so I never forget! So here we go....
Well I went to the Dr. on the 26th in the morning. She told me I was at a 3 and stripped my membranes. I was getting some contractions through out the day. One would be really hard then I would have 3 really soft ones. They werent close together or anything either. So I decided to take Duke for a walk to get these going. We went for a walk and I was feeling them. Got home cooked dinner and they were like before hard then soft. James had a wrestling meet about 3 hours away so I called him and told him he probley shouldn't go because I am getting some contractions. We decided to go to the hospital because we figured I would have progressed some... well we got there and I was like a 3 1/2 almost 4 so they monitered me for 20 min and then said to go walk around for 45 min and they will come check me again. So James and I went walking around the hospital. James got bored doing it so he went and watched tv while I was walking around. I called my sister and my mom to give me something to do... Well while I was walking this korean Dr. came up to me and said "whats your name?" (keep in mind I can't  hardly understand this guy) so i tell him and he tells me he is the Dr. on call and starts asking me a bunch of questions about my pregnancy... I am trying not to say "What" a billion times but we get done with it and he says he is going to check me to see if I have progressed any. So he gets ready and in the mean time the nurse comes in and already checks me and says I am at a good 4 now. He still wants to check and OMG he stuck his whole hand in there for about 5 min. It hurt so bad!!! I told James if he has to deliver my baby I will go to another hospital. I did not like him and he was wierd! Anyway they decided to admitt me and told me I could walk around some more to get things going while they got the room all ready so I walked around some more. Here is the room # they put us in ....
When we got in there they checked me again and i was at a 5! Yea! I was progressing! I called my mom to tell her and we both have i phones so we got to face time each other. So nice... I miss my mom and this is the 1st time she hasnt been there when I have had my kids. Anyway! I got my epidural a little while after that cause they were hurting and it was about 12 am and I was getting tired. The epidural made me itchy!!! so the nurse gave me some medicine to help that. James and I took a nap until about 3:30 I woke up feeling like I needed to push. This was the 1st time I actually felt it. my legs were numb and everything but I had a TON of pressure. I called the nurse and they came in and said oh yea you are at a 10 called my dr and at 4 am Danica Jo was born....
6 pounds 14 oz and 19 3/4 inches long!

Me holding her for the 1st time!!

Mom Dad and Baby Danica

James went home at about 7 to get the boys ready for school. Butch has to be to the bus at 8 and Rocky at 11:30 so we decided that after that he would come up with Duke then go back and get them and come back up with all of them! Here is Duke 1st meeting his little sister! He loves her! He has his moments now but he does really good with her.

So James was coming back at about 430 to bring the other boys and at about 3 my door opens and its my mom and dad!!! They surprised us!!! James didn't even know! I was so excited to see them!!!! We are so glad that they came up here. James brought the boys back and we took some pictures.  
Our family of 6!
 My four kiddos!!! OMG I have a girl!!!
 My dad would fall asleep on the couch so the boys decided to pretent like they were falling asleep with Grandpa!

Grandma and her 2nd Grand daughter!
 The rest are pictures of my little girl! My mom made me bunch of flowers, headband, and beanies and they are so dang cute! THanks mom! Enjoy!

HAd to add this one! Duke is so funny! He is my GO WITH THE FLOW little boy! I am lucky to have him!

Danica is so much fun! We love her so much!


Well it finally came!!! My little boy turned one! He is such a fun little boy! And is growing up WAYYYYYY to fast! It makes me sad!!! Things he loves and does now are:
-He LOVES MICKEY MOUSE! He watches it on tv and will actually sit there and watch it!
- he loves his brothers and wants to play with them all the time!
- he is starting to love his daddy more then his mommy!
- he still has NO teeth!
- when you say "say cheese" or you have your phone or camara this is the face you get!
 - he is walking and loves climbing up the stairs!
- he can wave bye bye and when he is done eating he does the sign language for all done!
We love this little boy and are so blessed to have him in our family! He is just so much fun!
Here are the pictures from his birthday celebration! We just did cupcakes for him! He dove right in! He did not hesitate one bit!

 Duke opening presents! He got a mickey mouse football blanket! and another mickey mouse!
 opening more presents!

more of him eating his cupcake!

We love you Duke Cutler!